5 Reasons Your Business Should Use The Facebook Pixel and Retarget Marketing

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The pixel is a cute name for what is probably Facebook Ad’s most potent weapon for advertisers. Not only does the pixel track what your visitors are doing on your website, but it also transcends any device and IP address. Once your visitor is tagged by the pixel, you can be sure that your ads are going to be shown to that user regardless if they’re using another device or travelling in another country.

Here are five reasons why retarget marketing is so effective in Facebook Ads:

1. You’re targeting a warm or hot audience

Unlike cold audiences, it’s easier for warm or hot audiences to convert because they already know your brand or business. Only a tiny percentage of first-time visitors (cold audience) buys anything so retargeting them in your next ad campaign helps increase your chances of getting them to purchase from you later on.

2. Increase brand awareness

On the second point of contact with your business, your prospect or lead may start opening themselves to your business, even though they may not be ready to buy from you yet. However, when you use pixels, your visitors will slowly become more aware of your brand. At this stage, they are in the middle of your sales funnel (consideration stage). With just a bit more push, you can get them down to the bottom of the funnel where it’s easier to convince them to buy.

3. You can generate more sales

People familiar with a brand is more likely to do business with that brand than someone they don’t know. If you use a sales funnel for marketing your offer, you can implement different techniques and strategies to move people from the top of your funnel (awareness stage) down to the bottom of the funnel (conversion stage). Retarget marketing helps ensure you get more sales down at the bottom of the funnel.

4. Higher conversion rates

Retarget marketing will help you increase your conversion rates. As people go on down your sales funnel, your conversion rates will be higher. They’ve seen your ads plenty of times, so they know you and probably trust you by now.

5. Lower ad costs

With higher conversion rates and optimized adverts, your ad costs will be much lower. The reason, because Facebook rewards advertisers with high ad engagement and conversion rates. With lower ad costs, you can then look into scaling your campaigns and reaching even more people.

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