The organizational brilliance and work ethic that Keith brings to the table is outstanding. His vast experience across many industries makes him a valuable asset in any situation or organization. He is both a strategic thinker and an excellent public speaker which enables him to both create great plans and communicate those plans to those around him. I thoroughly endorse him.

— Steve Osmond, Rhapsody Strategies

I have known Keith now for about ten years, and in that time, I have seen a very passionate person. When Keith gets something in his mind, that something gets done. Keith’s has a very high degree of business knowledge and is why I am always bouncing ideas off of him because I know I will get an honest response and conversation about the concept. Keith is a person that people are naturally drawn to. His charisma draws you in and his communication skills keep your attention not only with knowledge but with humour as well. He has seen and done many things, which make him a very well rounded individual being able to adapt and change to what the world throws at him.

— Curtis Bennett, Product Developer at HBX Control Systems

Keith is an exceptional leader to work with. He balances a deep commitment to his team while ensuring productivity. Additionally, Keith has the refined ability to envision and execute successful projects. As a director, Keith is well thought out in his decisions. I have personally benefited from Keith’s collaborative working style and his dedication to grow and empower future leaders.

— Jaimee Kepa, Communication Specialist